Few Words About Us

I Am Alive Dog Rescue is a volunteer organization in Eastern Ontario, Canada dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and placing them in loving and caring homes. We are committed to saving dogs of all ages that would otherwise be senselessly killed for the lack of a loving home. Most of our rescues are pulled from high-kill dog pounds where they have been slated for certain death through no fault of their own.

We are dedicated to the rescue, short term fostering and long-term re-homing of dogs.mgm Unwanted dogs are found new homes through our placement program, which carefully mgmatches up rescued dogs with potential adopters. Adoptive families, new and old, are provided with any support and guidance they may need. We believe that together, we can make a difference in saving unwanted and abused canines. We are a foster-based rescue; therefore we do not have a shelter. We rely mainly on the generosity of the public to open their homes to unwanted and abused animals. We focus on rescuing dogs from high-kill pounds where their chances of being adopted are slim to none. As a last resort we can take in owner surrenders if an appropriate foster home can be found.

"All great friendships start with a paw-shake. Reach out"

I Am Alive and Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan Foundation started new program "Adopt Me Thursdays", inspired by the story of Brownie, a pit bull mix saved from Daviess County Animal Control shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky, where he was scheduled to be put down just after Christmas.
Because of breed specific legislation banning pit bulls in Ontario, we were unable to find him a home in their area. We publicized his story and, with the Cesar Millan Foundation's help, placed him with a new family and gave his story a happy ending.

What We Do

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