What should I do as a FOSTER PARENT of a Dog?

  • By opening your home and heart to a dog/dogs in need, you save the life of an otherwise homeless animal. All dogs under our care have an initial veterinary examination, are spayed/neutered (age & health permitting), vaccinated and microchipped.
    We provide the food and medical care. You provide the love, care, exercise and your home.
    The feeling of accomplishment and eventual joy that comes with knowing that a pet has been saved and is in a loving home, is wonderful!

  • We hope that you can be committed to our foster program in order for the dog to be adopted (be willing to foster the dog from rescue to adoption). The amount of time needed to find a permanent home for a dog can vary from weeks to months. If, for any reason, you cannot continue, we request that you can give us at least 2 weeks' notice.

  • Please understand that most of the dogs are strays picked up by a pound, or abandoned by their owners. They may have gone through a lot before our rescue, so be prepared for some adjustment problems in the beginning. It can be stressful for both you and the dog to be in a new situation.

  • Since you as the foster parent will know the dog best, we would ask that you help us to screen the potential adoptor. We provide the screening questionnaire, guidelines and procedures for adoption, and any advice if necessary. We also request that you make your home available to a prospective adopter. The final decision of the adoption is still with ASAP.

  • For any behavioural issues of the dog, we can always provide professional advice/training.


  • (1) For the first few weeks pay special attention when you open the front door/garage door/patio door/backyard gate, as a new dog tends to get out whenever there is a chance!

  • (2) Treat the dog as a member of your family. The dog should live inside your home. It must not be tied up/crated/confined for more than 4 hours.

  • (3) Feed the dog 2 meals a day. Treats are fine if given moderately.

  • (4) Give the dog a good long walk at lease once a day and provide playtime too!

  • (5) Supervise and leash the dog at all times when out in public. Never let the dog run at large. The dog (if it is a dog friendly one!) can be taken to the leash-free park for exercise, but it should be supervised at all times.

  • NEVER leave the dog unsupervised around children and when meeting new animals.

  • NEVER leaVe the dog unsupervised in a yard, even if it is fully fenced. The dog would get bored and may eventually dig under or climb/jump over fences (even 6' high!).

  • NEVER leave the dog unattended on a choke chain. The chain could get caught and strangle the dog. The choke chain should only be used when the dog is being walked.

  • NEVER approach or disturb the dog, no matter how gentle it is, while he is:
    Eating - Dogs instinctively protect their food, and little children who approach them at this time may provoke an aggressive response.
    Sleeping - There are incidents galore on record of dogs who, when suddenly awakened, have nipped or overly bitten an owner or child

  • NEVER come up from behind a dog suddenly. This can have serious consequences no matter how stable the dog is. Dogs generally do not enjoy surprises!

  • NEVER let a stranger or a child pet a dog, especially on the head.

  • NEVER leave your dog unattended in a car – especially in hot weather. Even with the windows open a car can heat up like an oven in minutes. Hundreds of animals die in cars each year.

  • NEVER feed your dog chicken bones, chocolate, grapes, raisins, onion, garlic, cocoa and macadamia nuts. They can be poisonous to your dog or even lead to fatality.

"With time, patience, knowledge & LOVE, most pet problems can be solved."