"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

How Can You Help Us

We are funded in part by donations and in part through adoption fees for dogs. These donations and adoption fees help to cover some of the costs such as food and veterinary care our rescued dogs require. If you think you could offer one of our wonderful dogs a good home, please contact us. If you cannot adopt a dog but would like to help, you can send a donation or assist with other fund-raising activities.

If you're not able to adopt an animal, please consider making a monthly donation for dogs waiting for adoptions or foster homes for an amount of your choosing. We are in perpetual need of food, blankets, medical supplies and veterinary care. No amount is too small and every bit helps!

Transport animals

Dogs can't drive, so they need someone to take them places. And sometimes that drive can be a long one. Volunteer to take a dog to its foster home or forever home. Sometimes it can be a couple hours or just a leg in an eight hour drive. For those in cities where the main mode of transportation is bus or train, this is especially helpful.


Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, we can benefit immensely from great photography. So grab your camera, some props and get our dogs out of their kennels. If you're feeling very generous, donate old camera equipment.

Spring clean

Donate towels and sheets you don't use anymore. We are always in need. Bonus points for gently used beds, collars, leashes and clothing.

Throw a party!

Throws a birthday party and asks for donations or gifts like harnesses, eye drops, etc for our Dog Rescue. If you throw your kid(s) a birthday party, ask for dog beds, blankets or collars instead (clear this with your kid!).

Get creative

Lend your graphic design, coding or writing skills to help with the website, social media or newsletter efforts. Running a dog rescue takes a lot of work and things like this are often put on the back burner.

Social good

Use social media to get the word out. Share tweets or postings about dogs that need a home.


Are you an accountant that can help a our rescue with the books? Experience in non-profits is especially helpful.

Grab a hammer

If you're handy at all, you can help by making repairs, painting or building furniture for our dogs.


Do you have room for a temporary pet? Fostering can be fun, rewarding and challenging. By opening your home to a dog, you are opening up a spot in a shelter that otherwise wouldn't exist. The length of a foster can be a couple of days, weeks or months. We cover medical expenses and sometimes food and supplies. Click here for more information on fostering.